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Friday, November 20, 2009

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The Protesters are out of the building. Now there will be a mass meeting outside Dwinelle hall to discuss demands.

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Here is what happened. All of this may not be totally correct. Last night a group of about 40 students occupied Wheeler Hall, slept in sleeping bags until morning when they barricaded themselves in due to police presence. Protesters gathered outside as riot police from all over the bay area steadily arrived. Fire alarms were pulled all over campus, disrupting some 3800 students. The occupiers had a set of demands including striking down the 32% tuition increase, making the campus safe for undocumented students, and making the UC budget transparent, among other things. Professor's including Lakoff and Roy helped negotiate between students, the police and the administrations. As of right now, the police are inside and have arrested and charged 41 people, not all students. They are supposed to be released into the crowd 15 minutes from now, without handcuff.

Officers from UCPD, Berkeley PD, Alameda County Sheriff, and Oakland PD are now on campus in full riot gear.

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George Lakoff



UCB spokesperson Dan Mogulof confirms 41 people arrested.

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Inside Wheeler

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dailycal Police officers hit protesters with batons on the southeast side of Wheeler, and protesters fought back.

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A Prof who just wont quit

Teaching on the side of Evans due to more than 4 fire alarms

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Update from Daily Cal

protesters will be escorted out by UCPD and only cited for trespassing. Ananya Roy will observe.

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