Tuesday, June 14, 2011

DAY 11 - Checking In

That's what my life has consisted of since I last posted, a teaching tornado. It sure has been fun though. Right now I am in Cleveland, Mississippi. Last week was spent in Nashville and it was a major blast. I will cover all of Music City in a future post. I am about to go to bed but here is an email that I just sent to a few people. It will serve as today's check in and will hopefully be the beginning of me actually making time to take care of this blog. Here it is:

"Hi all,

Sorry for being late on blogging. Who knew this would be so intense?
Haha joking, I did. Yesterday was an 18 hour day of non-stop working.
In blistering heat and suffocating humidity.

This is a video that features one of my new Nashville pals. He is a
2010 Corps Member and totally rocks. He also teaches social studies so
I am looking at him to make myself the best teacher that I can be.


I just thought it would be a nice little addition to a check in email.

I am doing great. I am starting lesson plans tomorrow. I am very
excited to start teaching on Monday. I am teaching High School US
History from 1877 to Present. I have only 19 days! 19 days to teach
these kids what they need to pass their state exams and get on track
to graduate. I will be working at Gentry High School in Indianola, MS.
Right down the street from the BB King museum. Cleveland, MS is unlike
anywhere I have ever been. There are mosquitoes inside haha. I have
ran into 3 different dead animals at school, even one in doors. The
school is in a very rural area and is a 30 min bus ride from Delta
State where I am staying. Leon Middlefied is our dedicated bus driver.
He is quite the character. He gave us a valuable piece of advice on
our very first day: "Your mind is like a parachute, it don't work if
it ain't open."

Once I unpacked, I turned on my fan and it has not been turned off yet.

I wake up every morning at 4:45, get dressed, run to the dining hall,
eat in 5 mins, pick up a packed lunch, and bored a bus to Gentry.

Well Its 10:30, I am going to hit the hay. Wish me luck!


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Mom said...

I know how hard you are working. We love you.